To work with teams across THE GLOBE to undertake research and action focused on healthCARE products that patients recommend to family and friends and physicians prefer for their CLIENTS.

At Boston Sante, we focus on product innovation and quality in the healthcare product categories. We are constantly improving, bringing products that match the ever-changing lifestyles and needs of people and families everywhere. Boston Sante’s worldwide sales, regulatory and marketing efforts span over 20+ countries. Boston Sante is made of individual brands, focusing on the medical segment. All our products serve customers in different ways - but all with a focus on making peoples’ lives better.

We take pride in quality and accountability to our research and manufacturing partners.  We strive to preserve this trust by continuing to provide products stewarded with customer needs in mind.


There is little success where there is little laughter. “Andrew Carnegie”

Teams benefit from having a blend of cosmopolitan and local members - that is, people who have lived in multiple countries and speak multiple languages, and people with deep roots in the area they’re working in. Cosmopolitan members bring skills and expertise that apply in many situations, while locals bring country knowledge and insight into an area’s culture, and tastes.


Frequently Asked Questions


NanoMD® products are exclusively available to consumers via authorized prestigious clinics. Patients should never attempt to purchase NanoMD® products from web stores such as eBay, Alibaba, Lazada or Carousel. Be wary of counterfeits.


Compounds we use are USP certified which affirms the integrity of the raw material. Other ingredients must meet FDA guidelines for microbiological testing, heavy metal content, pesticides, etc. Every batch of all of our products is tested for purity.

We hold Certificates of Accuracy for all of our products, which verify the amounts contained in each product, and we require certificates for raw materials. There is a strict measure of quality control followed during the manufacturing of any of our formulas. Tablet or capsule samples are pulled randomly and routinely during the production of each and every batch. These are tested for weight, density and disintegration.

Do you use pharmaceutical grade ingredients?

The term "pharmaceutical grade" is not appropriate for the vast majority of ingredients used in the nutritional industry. It is a term often misused by companies in attempt to qualify their products and is frowned upon by the FDA.

Are your products guaranteed for potency and purity?

Many of the substances used in our supplements are "USP certified" which affirms the integrity of the raw material. Other ingredients, including botanicals, must meet FDA guidelines for microbiological testing, heavy metal content, pesticides, etc.

Tablets are constantly monitored during production to ensure proper weights and verify that the production content is maintained within the range of the label claim.

Are your products all natural and all organic?

We are proud to have certified vegan products. We do use naturally sourced ingredients in our products; organic ingredients whenever possible. In order to attain the high concentrations of elemental actives, some of our ingredients are considered ‘synthetic.’ This is unavoidable when dealing with specific amounts and concentrations.